Great Coffee, Local Touch

People stopping in may feel at first like they’ve stepped back in time. A lot has changed, since a national coffee company closed its Cochrane Commons store. But the coffee, lattes, cappuccinos and coffee-shop experience offered at Cafeccinos are all new, thanks to a community of students and teachers who think teamwork will help them thrive where other coffee shops have not.

The idea for Cafeccinos extended from another small business at the local Charlotte colleges. There, UNCC & CPCC students and teachers had big aspirations. One student wanted to be an accountant. Another wanted to be a graphic designer. But we all thought, “What if we could combine all of our learning and effort and turn our current coffee business into something bigger?

It wasn’t long after this epiphany that the team had located an upfitted space vacated in Cochran Commons on West Mallard Creek Church Road and the Cafeccinos concept was born.

Our coffee shop serves as an alternative to the in-and-out mainstream national brands, a place where customers get a personal local touch and students learn the fundamentals of running a business. But most importantly, a coffee shop experience catered to our local Charlotte community by which we all have strong ties.


More Than Just a Coffee Shop

What’s New at Cafeccinos?


  • Try our latest lunch creation – a delicious  homemade Chicken Salad Sandwich  in either a lightly toasted croissant or wrap. Comes in either Tomato Basil or Spinach. We are convinced it’s the best Chicken Salad sandwich in Charlotte!

  • Or try our new weekend breakfast specials!


  • Are you visiting Uptown Charlotte? Drop by our newest store at the Foundry and pick up a free Waffle! Like this offer on Facebook and swing by our newest location – we are right by Bank of America Stadium!



Cafe U

"I have a 7th grader who have been attending Cafeccino tutoring sessions for math for several months. Before coming here, she had math anxiety and struggle tremendously in mathematics. She was failing the course. The first tutoring session I was very confident and my daughter was very excited to attend her next session because her tutor made her to feel relax and built her confident. He made her to realize that she did not have a problem but she needed another way to examine the mathematics. My daughter have learned to attach her problems head on, she have improved her math grade by two letter grades. She have a great grasp on mathematics. I have had her in tutoring in the past but it was not helpful. These tutors at Cafeccino enjoys helping and the environment is very relaxing and inviting."
− Nicole

"Mr. Tran is a superb teacher and hard-working individual. I came to him very self-conscious about my mathematical skills; he helped me gain the confidence and self-assurance I had been seeking for a long while. When I began tutoring with Mr. Tran I was in low 7th grade Math; after about a month with him I was confidently working long pre-algebra and algebra problems! I had never imagined I could do something that used to be so foreign to me. This man truly is a TEACHER!"
- Abigal

"I have a 13 year old son who does not like to go to school or do his homework. This past summer, Philip Tran tutored my son in math. My son loved Mr. Tran! He said He said he wished he could be home schooled in every subject from Mr. Tran. He is a very kind, concerned and concentrated teacher/ tutor and my son felt confident after being tutored from Mr. Tran. His math scores also improved. We hope to have additional sessions again this summer."
- Beverly